Navigating Grief: How In Flight Helped Me After Losing My Dad

Written by: Dustin Partridge

I go fishing to remember my dad. I lost my dad on November 29, 2018. I go fishing with Shane, Natasha, and Sam. They all help me with the tough times. I really like when Adrianna was here when I got the phone call about my dad passing away. On November 29th, it will be 4 years since my dad passed away. When I am feeling down about dad, I like that Sam asks me what is wrong. Sam is my favorite staff at I-SAIL and she helps me out a lot when I need to talk to her about my dad- she is so special to me.
On November 29th of this year, I am going to do something special for my dad with my manager, Danielle. She has done a lot for me since she became the manager of Falls Rd. I love Danielle and Sam because they both do a lot of stuff with me.



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